I just love to randomly find a new designer that I never heard of before. It’s a thrilling feeling to browse their collections and read all about them. Hillary Taymour is behind the Collina Strada label and today I made my first purchase on one of her unique bags. Here’s a little interview with her I found on thedailybeast:

“I want to make bags that are conversation pieces,” says Hillary Taymour. The 20-something designer behind the Collina Strada label is sitting in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment, flipping through her look book of handbags. They bear one-of-a-kind patterns on canvas, offset by leather accents, and are unconventionally shaped—hexagons, triangles, and trapezoids. Most luxury handbags, Taymour says, “all look alike. And they all have these little [label] tags on them so you can see who made them.” A Collina Strada, meanwhile, is made expressly to look uncommon—and comes tag-free.

Can’t wait to receive it!

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